We tested for you : well-being workshops with Sylvie Tornier

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As you know, the Tourist Office team likes to test the activities proposed by its partners. New this year, Sylvie Tornier invites you to relax and focus on yourself through sophrology and hypnotic meditation workshops. Follow us in this quest for the "inner us" through a unique experience.

It is difficult to give a palpable feedback of this experience, as we have already done for the guided tours of Vélocation or the chocolate tastings at Morgan Vignon. So, for once, the tone will change; the “we” will give way to the “I”. Because it is impossible for me, Floriane, in charge of telling you about our experience, to speak on behalf of my colleagues.

We made an appointment with Sylvie Tornier and went directly to her place of practice to discover what she was offering. Our personal experiences with sophrology and meditation ranged from “completely novice” to “perfectly initiated”. A few exchanges on the way also allowed us to discover the skepticism of some people towards these practices (spoiler: everyone came out unanimous -> this experience is great, a must).


Sylvie warmly welcomes us in her living room where she practices some workshops. After a few exchanges on our previous experiences, we head towards the room dedicated to the first activity of the day: sophrology.


The session starts with a lecture by Sylvie, explaining the process of a classical session. As our time with her is limited, we will not be able to do the whole session, only the beginning, allowing us to get an idea of the global content.

First observation: sophrology is a psycho-sensorial activity, which will (re)connect us with our body and our emotions. Ouch! It starts badly. Without dwelling more on the subject, I must admit that I am rather angry with my body, and the idea to spend 1 hour to “make the tour” does not delight me. With good grace, I follow the instructions, lulled by Sylvie’s voice who asks us to close our eyes a few minutes before. From exercise to exercise, from inspiration to expiration, I have to admit that I progressively relax, and that if I am not in adequacy with my “inner self”, I will at least have lowered my heart rate of great stress.

  • Between consciousness and waking dream


After a short debriefing of our feelings for this first workshop, we head to the big soft sofas for a hypnotic meditation session. In the same way as for sophrology, Sylvie inquires about our knowledge on the subject and our past experiences with meditation and hypnosis. Once again, the spectrum of knowledge ranges from completely unknown to regular practice…


Comfortably installed in our respective sofas, warm under a blanket, Sylvie invites us to find a position allowing the relaxation of our muscles, then to close our eyes. To the rhythm of her voice, we set off to discover an imaginary world of our own, a place of individual serenity, bringing comfort and relaxation.


It is difficult to describe this moment, as much by its extremely personal side, as by the sensation brought, close to that of a dream, while the body is perfectly awake.


The session ended with a new time of exchange, associated with the search for the meaning of the totem animal that appeared to us during the mediation. To sum up, this session was a moment out of time, almost suspended, from which we all emerged changed.

It is difficult to give you a feedback on such an impalpable and personal workshop, this article may not speak to you, or maybe it will incite you to go and discover in yourself what we have been looking for. In fact, this workshop cannot be told, it must be lived!