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On this sunny morning, we ventured deep into the Andernosian forest to discover disc golf, an original activity that holds many surprises!




Whatever your level: 100% good mood guaranteed


You don’t have to be a top athlete, everyone is welcome!

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in Frisbee, you will find what you need.

Before you embark on this adventure in the forest, here are the 3 essentials:

Choose your frisbee color 🥏Agree on the rules (yes, yes, you who add up the + 4 at UNO when it is forbidden, we see you coming… )Locate the basket before you start playing!

The goal of the game: to finish the course with a minimum of frisbee throws, despite the difficulties encountered during the circuit (when you say it like that, it sounds simple, but between theory and practice…). If you haven’t mastered all the subtleties of this sport despite these brilliant prerogatives (or not …), don’t worry, a member of Escalad’Parc will guide you much better than us.


Here, an example of the type of obstacles, which earned Floriane 10 penalty points … She still has nightmares!

Our advice

-If you are not confident in your frisbee throwing skills, be prepared to face the thorny bushes (we tested but did not approve …). So, equip yourself with the proper attire. 👟 👖

-Don’t confuse the targets: we remind you that the main idea is to bring back everyone safe and sound ☺, we don’t aim at buddies or trees! 

-prepare some rocks in case you get lost (we’ll avoid the remake of Le Petit Poucet, even if in real life, the course is very well marked). 



All you have to do is put on your sneakers, warm up your shoulders, and let’s go for an hour of fun. We’re looking forward to seeing the results of your scores