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That's it ! Here we are ! The season of “so, where are you going on vacation this year?” " began ! For a change, you have decided to go on a trip with friends...And it is up to you to organize everything. It’s decided, it will be Arcachon Bay, and more particularly Andernos-les-Bains! Ok but then? We have to succeed in getting everyone to agree! Between Marie who doesn't like lounging on the beach, Luc who needs his daily dose of sensation and Anne who isn't really an adventurer, you're in real trouble... Except that fortunately, we're here! Come on, embark with us for 3 activities to try to stock up on new experiences during your vacation.


Bike, scooter, rollerblades, you are already a fan of different modes of travel. But do you know Onewheel? Inspired by surfing and snowboarding, equipped with a large wheel, you can wander with this funny board on the sand exposed by the tide. Thrills guaranteed for your most daring friends and fun promised for the most cautious, all this under the watchful eye and wise advice of an instructor, or in total autonomy. It's up to you to choose the formula that suits you best!

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After all these sporting activities, it is time to discover a gentler and, above all, more energy-efficient mode of transport! Starlett offers you to rent, for half a day or more, electric Vespas with a resolutely Italian design and peppy colors. Perfect for a road trip at the end of the day and escaping to a beach, or for dinner. You can trust us, we tried it and we loved it!

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Through a sporting activity or gentle mobility, these holidays will be an opportunity to test new sensations and have plenty of experiences.

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