Andernos and surroundings

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While staying in the arcachon bay, you have to visit the surrounding area for unforgettable experiences ; share a wine tasting on the Bordeaux wine routes in the vineyards of Medocs, Entre-deux-mers or Pessac Léognan ; relive centuries of history with the Unesco sites of Blaye and Saint Emilion ; or enjoy wild nature in the Landes de Gascogne Regional Nature Park.

The Arcachon Basin: a unique territory to be preserved

The Arcachon bay, located in the hollow of the golf de Gascogne, constitutes a lagoon remarkable for its landscapes and natural heritage, whose environmental and human challenges are supported by the Marine Natural Park.Indeed, this tidal lagoon, one of the few in Europe, is in constant movement. Exchanges with the ocean, freshwater rivers and the movement of sand banks create a mosaic of fragile landscapes: le delta de la leyre, salt meadows, shellfish mudflats, channels, beaten dunes, the Cap Ferret peninsula, sandy islets including the Banc d’Arguin at the entrance to the Bay.

This fascinating world offers us many landscapes: oyster ports, fine sandy beaches, pine forests, famous peninsula and famous dune… and offers you many activities in every season.

unmissable sites and a unique atmosphere to discover!

  • La dune du Pilat

Essentially known for its exceptional dimensions, which make it the highest dune in Europe, La dune du pilat is also known for the beauty and diversity of its natural environment between ocean and forest. It is accessible all year round via a paid car park, which contributes to the preservation of the site, and whose traffic can be in real time.

  • Les cabanes tchanquées de l’Île aux Oiseaux

From the piers of the bay, it is possible to embark for a boat trip around the Bird Island, a wild territory of a thousand hectares in the middle of the Basin, and the huts that have become a symbol of the Basin: they owe their name to the Gascon “chancas” which means “mounted on stilts”.

  • Arcachon et le quartier de la Ville d’Hiver

Arcachon, a historic seaside town, is ideal for strolling: lose yourself in the alleys of this picturesque district in search of the most beautiful villas of the 19th century and stroll through the Parc Mauresque to the Observatoire Ste Cécile, which offers a panoramic view of the city.

  • La presqu’île du Cap Ferret

From Lège to the Pointe du Cap-Ferret, ten villages and as many atmospheres compose this unique place. Not to be missed: a visit to the lighthouse for a breathtaking view, an oyster tasting in the typical oyster farming Village of l’Herbe or a bike ride on the cycle paths of the dunes forest!

  • La Réserve ornithologique du Teich

The Teich Ornithological Reserve is a preserved natural area, designed to welcome wild birds and encourage public observation. 110 hectares of woodlands, reed beds, meadows, sea marshes and lagoons are spread on the Arcachon Bay: immersion in the heart of nature is guaranteed!

  • Oyster ports

On the Bassin d’Arcachon, the ports and villages have their own charm and personality. Discover and taste a few oysters in the water at the oyster farmers’, stroll along the colourful huts or admire the comings and goings of the dishes.

Dégustation huître en famille - Sébastien Cottereau
Cap Ferret

Discover Bordeaux, between history and modernity

Only an hour’s drive away, Bordeaux, the world’s wine capital, is a surprising city with incredible places to visit! Embark on a boat tour on the Garonne, go with the whole family to see the water mirror, stroll through the heart of the public garden, visit the majestic Pey Berland tower or the modern Cité du Vin and enjoy the unique atmosphere of old Bordeaux.

Depuis Andernos, pensez à la ligne de bus 601 qui dessert la capitale girondine très régulièrement.

Focus on the Wine Route in the Médoc

The Médoc wine route, also known as the “Châteaux Route”, starts from Bordeaux and goes up along the Médoc peninsula. Eight of the most famous “Bordeaux” appellations (Médoc, Haut-Médoc, Moulis en Médoc, Listrac-Médoc, Saint-Estèphe, Pauillac, Saint-Julien and Margaux) are located on this wine route