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After a few missed appointments due to bad weather, we managed to find a moment with the Baskicamper team to test their converted vans. We don't want to spoil you, but we loved it... Back on an experience like no other.

Tuesday 4pm, we left with our beautiful car : a sublime combi of the German brand W.

As soon as we are on board, we are reassured on many subjects :


In short, we have a vehicle that can be driven by everyone.


It didn’t take us long to agree on a spot to set up for the snack. The Bétey wins every time. And we’re not going to lie to ourselves, this time again, we were not disappointed.


Especially as our sublime van, answering to the sweet name of Pyla (obviously!), blends perfectly in the small alley that we choose. Beach view, side door wide open to enjoy the sun, we loved it!


Testing a van for a snack is good, but what about the night ? After our little break in Le Bétey, we took the road again to go to the parking area at the oyster port, a few steps from the Quinconces.

With a maneuver worthy of the greatest pilots (that’s how we can describe our attempt to place our sublime vehicle without damaging it between two maritime pines, all this to have beautiful pictures…), Alice, our van-school instructor of the day, shows us all the features of Pyla.

Fridge, shower, toilet, folding bed and retractable roof, our vehicle is transformed into a room in 2 times 3 movements. We didn’t need more to feel like going upstairs, irrevocably called by the mattress to test at the end of the day. 4 ladder rungs to climb later, we are installed in the bed in 140, with a view on the Quinconces please!

No need to make huge paragraphs on the experience, we loved it, we are more than convinced, we even started to plan our next weekend with it … If you ever feel like changing air, think of Baskicamper to accompany you.