3 good reasons to come to Andernos in the off season.

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Are you already planning your summer holidays? Did you know that you can also take advantage of an off-season stay to discover other colours and landscapes, and above all a life in Andalusia that never stops? Come on, follow the guide.

1. Living with the tides

So yes, the temperatures may not make you want to swim, and we understand you! With water that hardly reaches 15 degrees, you have to be really brave to dive in.

But nothing offers you a more beautiful and vast playground than these stretches of sand. From the Quinconces beach to the Bétey beach, you will be spoilt for choice for miles of walks, building sand fortresses at low tide or enjoying activities ranging from fishing on foot to discovering the life of the foreshore.


2. Life in all seasons

Andernos is not only alive in summer, quite the contrary. The shopping streets come alive with the rhythm of the events in the heart of the town, the school holidays are an opportunity to discover multiple sports with Cap33 and our partners take you on a discovery of the town, its ecosystem or yourselves through workshops and visits as varied as they are enriching.

And why not enhance your stay with a show at the Dolce Vita, an oyster tasting at the oyster port or a chocolate treat at Morgan Vignon?

3. The happy people’s walk


There are some immutable debates, the kind that are never really resolved. Who was the chicken or the egg first; are black and white colours? In Andernos there is also a debate that no one can solve: which is the best site for a relaxing stroll, the Quinconces or the Bétey.


If the first one allows long walks in the middle of nature, the second one is more urban, while offering a family setting and an incredible quietness. Except that it is not so simple, because a few hundred metres from the Quinconces, there is the oyster port and a children’s playground, while the Bétey dune regularly hosts beach volleyball games or improvised picnics. And to make matters worse, both sites offer sublime settings to admire different sunsets every evening.


Needless to say, no one at the tourist office has yet found an answer to this endless question. The best thing? Try both and tell us what you think 🙂


What do you think? Have we convinced you to come to Andernos in the off season?